KLANG’s opening concert: Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen

A first performance, a classic, and works by two significant composers

Tuesday 29 May 2018 at 20:00 The Queens Hall
Photo: Athelas Sinfonietta. Photographer: Alexander Banck-Petersen
Photo: Athelas Sinfonietta. Photographer: Alexander Banck-Petersen


Standard 120 kr.
Diamondclub 90 kr.
Student 70 kr.



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Athelas Sinfonietta opens Klang 2018 with a first performance, a classic and in addition works by two significant composers. The first performance is of a new work by the Danish composer Morten Ladehoff, who has riveted his audience previously with angular and energetic works that often have humorous aspects.

The Brazilian composer Ricardo S. Eizirik, who has also lived and studied in Sweden, Switzerland and Austria, has gained inspiration from the German film director Fritz Lang and his epoch-making SF film Metropolis. In the film The Great Machine suddenly assumes a daemonic nature and turns into a Moloch that receives human sacrifices. During Eizirik’s work there are quotations from the music of the famous film.

Sarah Nemtsov’s music is lively and, in terms of sound, full of fleeting figures and quivering beaings. She has composed since she was a child and has an impressive list of compositions that includes various works for the stage and a great many ensemble works.

Monadologie XI ‘for Anton’ is the title or a series of works by the Austrian composer Bernhard Lang.

The word Monadologie comes from the philosopher Leibniz, and the Anton referred to in the title is Anton Webern. For it is Anton Webern’s Symphony op 21 that has been the focal point of Lang’s work, even though Webern’s work is considerably shorter than Lang’s.


Morten Ladehoff        New Work (first performance)
Ricardo S. Eizirik       Moloch machine, 1927 (in two parts)
Sarah Nemtsov         ‘Luftmacumba / Rio’
– Interval –
Bernhard Lang          Monadologie XI ‘for Anton’ – 2nd Chamber Symphony

Performers: Athelas Sinfonietta conducted by Pierre-André Valade

This concert has been produced in cooperation with the KLANG Festival.