Laurent Fabius (FR)

A part of Arctic Imagination

Wednesday 31 May 2017 at 17:30
Laurent Fabius during World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) in Le Bourget (photo: Stephane Mahe)


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The conversation will be in English


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The diplomat with the hammer blow

The French head negotiator Laurent Fabius became world-famous for his negotiating tactics during the epoch-making climate summit in Paris. He is now taking part in Arctic Imagination at The Black Diamond.

The former French prime minister and foreign minister Laurent Fabius became world-famous for his unique diplomatic achievements during the climate summit COP21 in Paris, where, as chairman of the negotiations and with the green hammer in his hand, he rounded off the complex discussions with the decisive ‘Accepté!’. In doing so, he marked the crucial and historic moment when the world united in a common agreement to combat climate changes. At which the world leaders leapt up out of their chairs and broke out in applause and cries of hurrah!

This is one of a number of events in Denmark under the heading Arctic Imagination – an artistic brainstorm across the Atlantic about melting ice and rising temperatures.

In only 100 years, the Arctic and the North Pole have been transformed from highly dangerous and mysterious peripheral areas into regions that need our protection and sense of responsibility. In 2017, five major libraries in New York, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Nuuk are combining in Arctic Imagination in a unique collaboration across the Atlantic, in which a number of high-profile artistic and creative voices will contribute to a global brainstorming within this area.

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This brief TV clip went round the world and marked one of the highlights in the history of the UN, but it was also a highlight for France, which, headed by Laurent Fabius, navigate through the 11 days of climate negotiations with quite extraordinary diplomatic skills, something that formed a stark contrast to the preceding climate summit here in Denmark, later referred to as ‘the fiasco in Copenhagen’.

Laurent Fabius, with his experience from the epoch-making climate summit, will contribute with his experience to the international brainstorm about the melting ice in the Arctic region that Arctic Imagination will set in motion with contributions by artists, authors, activists and politicians in Copenhagen, Oslo, Sotckholm, Nuuk and New York. He is known as being a unique political talent in international politics. At the early age of 37 he became prime minister of France in 1984, in the team around the socialist president François Mitterand, with whom he worked closely at the beginning of his career.