Baltic Bass Cantatas

Concerto Copenhagen and Jakob Bloch Jespersen

Saturday 17 November 2018 at 16:00 Queens Hall
Jakob Bloch Jespersen
Jakob Bloch Jespersen




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The program presents the inventive and prosperous music of this period by means of cantatas for bass and chamber music - headed by the master above them all; Danish born Diderik Buxtehude.

In the aftermath of the great Hanseatic League (about 1300-1650), music life flourished along the coast of the Baltic Sea like never before. Or since.

Concerto Copenhagen takes a closer look at this exciting period together with Lars Ulrik Mortensen as musical director, and Danish singer Jakob Bloch Jespersen. The big merchant villages around the Baltic Sea had enjoyed the economic benefits of the Hanseatic League’s vast influence and power, which also reflected in the ecclesiastical conditions.

Vast church buildings and congregations characterized city pictures, and this rich growth attracted many of today’s greatest composers. As a result, during the 1600-1700’s, the Baltic Sea area established itself as a musical superpower.

Of these great composers, Buxtehude is the most prominent, but names like Weckman, Bruhns and Kirchhoff, who settled in Copenhagen, all belonged to Northern Europe's most notorious composers.

Jakob Bloch Jespersen is one of Scandinavia's leading bassists in early music and has a growing international reputation. Bloch Jespersen has sung with Concerto Copenhagen for a number of years and performed with the orchestra in Wiener Konzerthaus and participated in their recording of Bach's b minor Mass, praised by Danish and international critics.



Buxtehude:                   Mein Herz ist bereit

Tunder:                          Da Mihi Domine

Meder:                            Gott, hilf mir

Weckmann:                  Kommt her zu mir alle

Bruhns:                           Mein Herz ist bereit

Buxtehude:                   Ich bin der Auferstehung