Jacob Fischer feat. Francesco Calì & Josefine Cronholm

Copenhagen Jazz festival 2018

Wednesday 11 July 2018 at 20:00 The Queen's Hall


Standard 200 kr.
Diamond Club 150 kr.
Student 100 kr.


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Summer jazz with accordion and Mediterranean mood
The Danish jazz guitarist Jacob Fischer is both exceptionally skilful and humbly present. With an incredible sense of detail and the overall expression, he manages to pare down everything that is superfluous, and what is left is pure, melodious jazz music, served with plentiful reserves of technical brilliance that allows the notes to float off completely of their own accord.

Specially for this concert at The Black Diamond, Jacob Fischer has brought together a unique team of musicians from various parts of Europe in order to play music inspired by summer. The Sicilian accordionist Francesco Calì and the Swedish singer Josefine Cronholm contribute to this concert programme, which offers jazz and music that has the background of the participating musician as its point of departure.

The accordion virtuoso Francesco Calì from Catania on Sicily has had a symbiotic collaboration with Jacob Fischer for many years and has added a charming southern touch to the music – a kind of jazz with Mediterranean mood, as can be heard on the pair’s CD Django from 2011, which got enthusiastic revues.

Josefine Cronholm is a shining example of the distinctively clear, light sound to be found in singers from Scandinavia. She was the front figure in the group String Swing, of which Jacob Fischer was also a member. The group gained a DMA (Danish Music Award) for the year’s best jazz release in 2004. Cronholm is especially well-known for her long-standing cooperation with the percussionist Marilyn Mazur, the pianist Django Bates and her own group Ibis.

The bass player Andreas Møllerhøj is anchor-man in the rhythm section with his melodious and rock-solid playing.

Most people have heard the drummer Tom Jensen, perhaps without actually realising it, e.g. in the Circus Revue, with Stig Rossen and in many other popular connections. But Tom Jensen is also an eminent jazz drummer, as it will be possible to find out for oneself at this concert.

Francesco Calì: accordion
Josefine Cronholm: vocals
Jacob Fischer: guitar
Andreas Møllerhøj: bass
Tom Jensen: drums