Wayne Siegel: Space Series (1:3)

A Space Series Concert

Saturday 3 June 2017 at 17:00 The Atrium

Free admittance









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Keep an ear out for the first Space Series concert, an ultra-atmospheric sound performance about to unfold in the Atrium – with the computer programme Zirkomium at its core.

As part of the KLANG Festival 2017Space Series envelops your ears in electronic sounds and clangs. “A cinema for your ears,” as the composer Robert Normandeau puts it. But more specifically, this is music with an invisible sound source termed ‘acousmatic music’ (or in French, ‘musique acousmatique’). And it is used quite simply in reference to sounds that one hears without seeing their original cause.

The Space Series concerts play on the notion of acousmatic music with the computer programme Zirkomium at its core, developed by the German centre for art and media technology in Karlsruhe, ZKM.

The programme is being used to direct sound into ZKM’s clang-dome that has 43 fixed speakers. A string of works has been composed to ZKM’s clang-dome and some of these have been adapted to the 12-channel speaker system at The Black Diamond.

The music for the first Space Series concert has been composed by two composers, who both have worked at ZKM and with Zirkomium. One of them is the Canadian composer, Robert Normandeau who makes electronic music and produces music to theatre, dance and more. The other musical contributor is the German, electronic composer, Ludger Brümmer, who, for a number of years, has been the director of the institute of Music and Acoustic in Karlsruhe, under ZKM, and who also incorporates visuals and dance in his works.

The consensus of the two composers is the notion of Concrete Music: music constructed on real-sounds and further worked with electronically.

The Black Diamond’s in-house composer, Wayne Siegel has co-translated the works into the 12-channel surround-sound system in the Atrium – and he will be performing both of them.


Ludger Brümmer: Glasharfe (2007)

Robert Normandeau: La part des anges (2012)

With support from Danish Composers’ Society’s Production Pool/KODA’s Cultural Funds