Why Women?

Film screening

Wednesday 18 May 2016 at 17:00 The Queen's Hall


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Faith, Feminism and Freedom (2:3): Films in the feminist struggle

The Why Foundation is behind the media initiative Why Women? which comprises ten short films, three documentaries and outreach activities. Five short films are to be shown at The Royal Library as well as the documentary Strong Women, which combine in focusing on equality, women’s rights and health.

Short films – angles that create debate

Trine Beckett and Emma Holten (foto: Robin Skjoldborg / Neel Munthe-Bruun)

The subjects of the short films have a wide range, but all deal with theme that daily influence the lives and opportunities of girls and women – both privately and as an active part of society.

The manuscripts of the short films have been written by the writer Trine Beckett and the young controversial feminist Emma Holten, who, with the aid of some thought-provoking statistics and in-depth knowledge at her disposal has shaped texts that cover widely differing angles and activate topical issues.

The film star Helen Mirren does the VO for the 10 short films, while the visual material has been created by young producers from various corners of the globe via a talent competition.

Documentary – blood, sweat and tears

Helen MirrenHelen Mirren adds her voice to works by female producer talents

In the documentary Strong Women, a collection of women are portrayed who work on improving conditions for girls and women the world over.

Every day, 3,500 girls under 15 are married. Every single day, at least two women are the victims of an acid attack in India. Worldwide, 62 million girls do not go to school. On the African continent, three million girls are circumcised every year, and the circumcisions are often carried out with either razor blades, scissors, broken glass or lids from tin cans.

The statistics are frightening. In the film inspirational women are followed who every day battle to improve life for other women worldwide. The women have filmed themselves for one whole day of their lives, thereby giving the audience a unique insight into an everyday life that is a fight for equality that costs blood, sweat and tears.

Taking part in the film: The young Afghan rapper Sonita, the Chinese feminist Li Tingting, the head of the Red Barnet organisation, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, among others.

Faith, Feminism and Freedom at The Black Diamond

This event is part of The Royal Library’s marking of the global conference Women Deliver, to be held in Copenhagen 16-20 May. 

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Film screening 
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WHY WOMEN? is supported by Det Obelske Familiefond, Danidas Oplysningsbevilling, DR and Oak Foundation Denmark.

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