Per Carsten – A remarkable musician throughout five decades

Winter Jazz (2:3)

Wednesday 20 February 2019 at 20:00 Dronningesalen / The Queen's Hall
 Bigbandet Blood Sweat Drum + Bass
Bigbandet Blood Sweat Drum + Bass


Standard 200 kr.
Diamondclub 150 kr.
Students 100 kr.



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Palle Mikkelborg, Henrik Brendstrup, and the big band Blood Sweat Drum + Bass interpret the music of composer and musician Per Carsten in a technically gifted concert where you have the unique opportunity to hear the deceased Carsten himself play.

The final wish of the versatile composer and musician Per Carsten was to have his music released and recorded. Now, the big band Blood Sweat Drum + Bass made it possible to release never before heard music from this distinctive figure in Danish music under the direction of Jens Christian "Chappe" Jensen.

Throughout his career, Per Carsten moved into several genres - from the 1950's post-bob over big band music, pop, rock, funk, vocal jazz, bamboo flute, Balinese music, and all the way to a classic cello suite.
When Per Carsten died, a small group assembled to realize his will with the few funds he left behind. In all simplicity, he wanted his music made available, and the group chose a release and a concert series. 

The Release
More than 200 recordings with Per Carsten as a composer, conductor, soloist or arranger has been digitized. Most of these has never been released before and of this material, a selection is chosen to be released for the first time during the Winter Jazz 2019. One of the last pieces Per Carsten wrote was a cello suite performed by the Radio Orchestra - this work is included as an element in the concert this evening.

The Concert Series 
How would Per Carsten's music sound today? The 25-man big band Blood Sweat Drum + Bass was chosen to realize that vision under the leadership of Jens Christian "Chappe" Jensen. "Chappe" has worked on a series of Per Carsten’s compositions for this huge orchestra, which is also expanded in a soloistic manner with trumpeter, Palle Mikkelborg, and cellist, Henrik Brendstrup. The audience will also experience sound recordings with Per Carsten integrated into the music arrangements. Per Carsten is practically playing along.

Per Carsten Petersen (1945–2014)
Alto and soprano saxophonist, flutist (flute and bamboo flute), arranger, and composer. Played in the early 1960's with Finn Mickelborg, Finn Frederiksen, and Jørgen Borch. Later formed own groups and were sought after in ensembles led by, for example, Bjarne Rostvold or Allan Botschinsky. Per Carsten joined the Radio's Big Band in 1966 and with the exception of a single year, he played until 1986. Carsten also participated in the Radiojazz Group 1966-70. 

In addition to this, Carsten participated as a musician on several film soundtracks. From 1970, Per Carsten was often used as an arranger and composer of DR's ensembles - most of the Radio's Big Band, but also for the Radio Orchestra and Radio Chamber Orchestra. In the 1980's, Per Carsten performed and recorded his own quintets, but a serious illness put a stop to Carsten's career as a saxophonist in 1997. He replaced the saxophone with the electronic wind instrument EWI and returned to the scenes in 2003 for a short time. His last time was used to compose the concert Prayer for an Angel

Blood Sweat Drum + Bass
25 people with a crew of 14 winds, two singers, and nine in the rhythm group. Has existed since 2001 with only a few replacements. All music that the orchestra plays are original compositions / events written specifically for the group by artistic director Jens Christian "Chappe" Jensen.


Listen to an extract from the previous project when the band visited the Black Diamond with Palle Mikkelborg: