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The Royal Library attempts to ensure that the information and materials published on the library’s website, , are accessible, reliable and secure.

The content of the Royal Library’s website is updated by the webmaster in cooperation with those responsible for the various functions and subject areas.

Hovedsproget på er dansk. The primary language of is Danish. There is an English version of the Royal Library’s website which by and large corresponds to the content of the Danish version. Access to the English version is either by a click on the link to ‘English’, or the address

The information on the Royal Library’s website is updated continually so that it is current, correct and reliable.

Remote access
If you are a student or staff member at the University of Copenhagen, at the faculties of the Humanities, the Social sciences, Theology or Law, you can obtain Remote Access to nearly all the resources in Elektra, as well as the electronic resources in REX. Remote Access means that you have access even when you are not at the Royal Library or the University of Copenhagen. To gain Remote Access, use the same user-ID and password that you use to borrow books in the library’s online catalogue REX. You must therefore be registered as a user of the library in REX before you can use this facility.
Read more about Remote Access.

Browser standard and platform
The Royal Library’s web pages function on most combinations of ordinary browsers and platforms if newer versions are used (Windows, Netscape, Mac, Linux; Opera, Fire Fox).

All electronic queries sent to the Royal Library are to be answered within three working days. If the query has been sent to one of the library’s anonymous e-mail help addresses, the answer may either be a specific answer to the question posed, or a reply that the question will be dealt with as quickly as possible. If the query is forwarded to another person or department, these names will be included. The Royal Library’s e-mail help addresses include: