The KB Suite Download center

Author: Carl Alex Friis

Welcome to the KB Suite download center, where you can download the OpenCms modules made by the Royal Library.

They are all released under the Lesser Gnu Public License.

The best way to get started if you haven't used any of this before is to download and install the dk.kb.component, dk.kb.componentlib, dk.kb.hspalte,, and dk.kb.documentation modules in that order. This will provide an overview and a demo of what the KB Suite can do for you.

ALWAYS read a module's README file.

Sources are available by request.

Click on a module name to download it.

module: dk.kb.component
current version: 0.8
description: base component framework
depends on: -

module: dk.kb.componentlib
current version: 0.28
description: contains component description for use in structured content resources plus some component types (collector configurations and link lists)
depends on: dk.kb.component

module: dk.kb.hspalte
current version: 0.8
description: content inheritance mechanism
depends on: dk.kb.component

current version: 0.4
description: an alternative method for building menus in OpenCms
depends on: -

module: dk.kb.documentation
current version: 0.24
description: the base documentation of the KB suite - documets the modules it depends on and provides framework for other *.documentation modules of the KB suite.
depends on: dk.kb.component, dk.kb.componentlib, dk.kb.hspalte, 

module: dk.kb.mailform
current version: not released yet
description: a mechanism for sending emails built from data entered into forms - and for configuring these forms. 
depends on: dk.kb.component

module: dk.kb.mailform.documentation
current version: not released yet
description: the documentation of the dk.kb.mailform module
depends on: dk.kb.mailform, dk.kb.documentation

module: dk.kb.agent
current version: not released yet
description: a very complex new type of collector, which among other options allow collecting resources based on Lucene indexes
depends on: dk.kb.component

module: dk.kb.agent.documentation
current version: not released yet
description: the documentation of the dk.kb.agent module
depends on: dk.kb.agent, dk.kb.documentation