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How to find images

Children and young people celebrate the liberation of Denmark in 1945
Our collection of prints and photographs contains everything from copperplate engravings to fine art photography. Some images are available digitally and some are not.

How to find maps

Older maps of parts of Northern Europe
We have an extensive collection of maps and atlases, and we have digitised some but not all of them. Some can be viewed online, while others can only be studied closely in our reading rooms.

How to find music

Employee between shelves with vinyl records
We have large collections dealing with music. For example, you can find sheet music and recorded music, but also a lot of material about the music.

How to find pamphlets

Front page of the summer catalog 1956. Summer magazines
We have a wide range of pamphlets with anything from parish magazines to Daell’s department store catalogues. Some have been digitised while others need to be ordered by writing to us.