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All collections at the Royal Danish Library

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Advertising films collection

The collection of advertising films is an essential documentation of 20th century Danish cultural history. We have advertising films shown in the cinemas and TV.


Computer game collection

The collection of computer games contains more than 4,000 Danish computer, mobile or console games, that have been collected on both CD-ROM, cassettes, and digital downloads since the late 1990s.


Educational history collection

The educational history collection consists of a selection of digitised and photographed items and records from the defunct Danish School Museum and from collections from AU Library, Emdrup.


Judaica collection

The Judaica collection contains manuscripts and books in Jewish languages like Hebrew and Yiddish.


National Newspaper Collection

The National Newspaper Collection consists of daily newspapers and local newspapers that have been published in Denmark or have direct relations to Denmark.


We are responsible for collecting and preserving relevant material from the Danish part of the internet – i.e. content produced by Danes, in Danish or for a Danish audience.


Oriental Collection

The Oriental collection consists of manuscripts, printed works, and other material originating in non-western language areas and cultures, mostly Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.


Radio and TV collection

In the collection of radio and TV, you will find broadcasts from DR, TV 2 and a number of other Danish TV channels from the mid-80s onward.


The Map Collection

Our collection of maps is one of Northern Europe's largest. The oldest maps in the collection date from the 16th century, and the newest may have just come from the printing house.


Video Collection

We collect published video productions as a part of our preservation of the Danish cultural heritage.

Read our guides to find materials

How to find images

Our collection of images contain everything from copperplate engravings to press and fine art photography. Some are available digitally and some are not. Get help finding what you are searching for.

How to find maps

We have an extensive collection of maps and atlases, and we have digitised some but not all of them. Some can be viewed online, while others can only be studied closely in our reading rooms.

How to find pamphlets

We have a wide range of pamphlets with anything from parish magazines to Daell’s department store catalogues. Some have been digitised, while some can only be ordered by writing to us.

How to find sheet music

We have printed sheet music from both Denmark and abroad, as well as some Danish manuscript scores. In addition, we have performance material for both professional and amateur ensembles.