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Radio and TV collection

In the collection of radio and TV, you will find broadcasts from DR, TV 2 and a number of other Danish TV channels from the mid-80s onward.

Thomas Søndergaard

Up to and including 2005, the radio and tv broadcasts have been recorded on e.g. reel-to-reel tapes and VHS (Video Home System). Since December 2005, we have been collecting all radio and TV broadcasts digitally, and you can access this part of the collection via Mediestream.

We digitize TV broadcasts from before 2006 on an ongoing basis and make these available via Mediestream. A substantial part of the collection has not yet been digitized, however. To find a specific broadcast in the non-digitized part of the collection, you need to know the date and time of the broadcast. We have a range of tools to help find the date and time of a given broadcast - read more in our guide Get help finding Danish radio and TV broadcasts.

Content and history of the collection

The collection was begun in 1987 on the basis of an agreement with Danmarks Radio (DR). The agreement meant that Danmarks Radio were to return the complete range of broadcasts, in the form of so-called control tapes (also known as chatter tapes), from both countrywide and regional channels to the library. The tapes were returned in several different formats but TV broadcasts were generally returned on VHS.

Following the end of monopoly in 1988, we also began collecting broadcasts from TV 2, and this means that we have the entire range of broadcasts from the station in our collection. Later on, broadcasts from other Danish channels were added to the collection. Since 1988 we have been collecting broadcasts from local radio and TV stations annually in week 46 - this week has been designated the most common week of the year by a number of Danish media analysts.

The collection does not cover the complete range of broadcasts from all Danish channels. Particularly in relation to the commercial channels, we have made a choice of focusing on collecting radio and TV made in Denmark. The radio and TV listings (in Danish) show in detail which channels are included in the collection, as well as the period of time we collected the broadcasts.

You can view or listen to all of the broadcasts, if you visit us on either Victor Albecks Vej, Aarhus or The Black Diamond, Copenhagen. You can also see the broadcasts, if you visit The Danish Film Institute. Certain broadcasts are registered as earmarked material e.g. programmes that contain sensitive personal data, and these are not accessible.

In addition to radio and TV broadcasts, we also have radio news bulletin manuscripts from DR and TV 2.

  • Radio news bulletin manuscripts from DR cover the period of time April, 1937 - 30 September, 2006. The manuscripts are from the news bulletins broadcasted at 12 a.m. and 6 p.m. The material is unique, since not all recordings of radio news bulletins have been preserved over time.
  • DR press releases for the period of time 1965-2005 (TV and radio)
  • TV 2 press releases for the period of time 1988-2005 (TV)

Radio news bulletin manuscripts for the period of time 1937-1984 can be found on The manuscripts from 1985-2006 are available in printed form.

Radio news bulletin manuscripts and press material can only be read in the reading room on Victor Albecks Vej, Aarhus, after prior arrangement. Write us at Ask the Library and include the following information:

  • News bulletin manuscripts (Yes/No)
  • DR Press material (Yes/No)
  • TV 2 Press material (Yes/No)
  • Your Name
  • Desired date and time for use in the reading room (if any)
  • Email
  • Telephone number