How to find advertisements

We have Danish cinema advertisements from the period 1907-1995, TV2 advertisements from the period 1988-2005 and TV2 advertising blocks broadcasted in week 46 of 2005 and onwards.

Film reels

Photo: iStock

Search Mediestream first

The advertisements have been digitised and are available through Mediestream. Because large parts of the material in Mediestream are protected by the Danish Copyright Act, it is not possible to give users unrestricted online access. Read more about how to get access to advertisements in Mediestream.

Everyone is able to see the descriptive data and identify the advertisements. Please note that the descriptions are very concise.

TV 2's advertising blocks from 2005 onwards can be found by searching for "advertising block", and/or the name of the product being advertised in Mediestream.

Borrowing advertisements

Researchers and students of higher education can borrow advertisements on DVD, provided that the institutions have an agreement with Copydan AVU-Medier.

Write to Ask the library and include the following information to order a broadcast. Please note that you have to be a registered user.

  • Link to advertisement in Mediestream
  • Your name
  • Your purpose with the requested material
  • Your institution and information regarding the institution’s current agreement with Copydan AVU-Media (we may require agreement documentation)
  • Email address
  • Telephone number