How to find images

Our collection of prints and photographs contains everything from copperplate engravings to fine art photography. Some images are available digitally and some are not.

Children and young people celebrate the liberation of Denmark in 1945

Photo: Sven Türck

Search our digital collections

In the digital collections, you can find images of people, places, and events from the portrait collection, topographical and chronological collection, as well as different partial collections. You can search names, locations and subjects (houses, workers, tram cars, and so on). Cartoon art and images in The National Collection of Photography can be found in a separate area of the digital collections.

Search for aerial photographs in An Aerial View of Denmark.

Having trouble finding what you are looking for?

If the image you searched for is not digitally available, it may be found in the part of the collections not yet digitised.

People and portraits

  1. Go to search, or use the search field on top of the page.
  2. Search name.
  3. Choose ”image” or "portrait" under limit results and material.
  4. If the portrait is not available online, it can be ordered and viewed in the research reading room by clicking on order.


Write to Ask the library and note down the location, street name or other identifying information, if you want to access the non-digitised physical collection and view this in the research reading room.


Write to Ask the library and note down the year and event, if you are searching for images prior to 1536 or after 1945.


  1. See the subject groups in the miscellaneous collection.
  2. Write to ask the library and note down the subject group, if you want to view it in the research reading room.

Still not getting any results?

Look through the list of collections. If you know the name of a publisher or either the photographic or institutional archive which may contain the image you are looking for, write to ask the library and hear about the possibilities of looking through the collection in the research reading room.