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How to find sheet music

We have printed sheet music from both Denmark and abroad, as well as some Danish manuscript scores. In addition, we have performance material for both professional and amateur ensembles.

Ophav ukendt

    Search and order sheet music

    The majority of the Royal Danish Library’s collection of sheet music is registered and searchable and can be ordered on the homepage of the library. A large part of the sheet music is available for borrowing but some parts can only be viewed in the Research reading room.

    1. Go to search or use the collapsible search field by clicking the magnifier on top of the page
    2. Search e.g., composer, title or location mark
    3. Choose ”Sheet music” in type of materials under limit results

    the Royal Danish Library offers a wide selection of works online, available for free. This includes

    • Old printed sheet music and manuscript scores that have been digitized and are searchable in our library system.
    • Self-released albums of a practical-scientific nature, in particular the works of Danish composers. This includes the entire Carl Nielsen Edition and a range of other works, that have been edited and published by the Danish Centre for Music Editing.

    Search in different languages

    Please note, that the registration contains a transcript of the title sheet. This means that when searching for string quartet, you need to go over e.g., string quartet, Streichquartett, and quatuor à cordes, in order to find the required sheet music.

    You can always write to Ask the Library, if there is sheet music you cannot find.

    Sheet music in other collections

    Please note, that there are also works that are not registered as sheet music but can be searched and found in the database/library system anyway. This may be e.g. sheet music from songbooks that are located in book collections, sheet music from folk music that is registered independently or single-piece manuscript scores that are part of the hand writing collection.

    The Orchestral Library

    The collection includes performance material (scores, piano arrangements, instrumental and vocal accompaniments) for many works. Part of this can be viewed in the Research reading room, while another group of more recent accompaniment material is available for Orchestral borrowers.