Video collection

We collect released video productions as a part of our preservation of the Danish cultural heritage.

Employee among shelves with videotape

Photo: Thomas Søndergaard

Our collection of released video and film productions on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray provides an insight into, particularly, the films and TV-series that the Danish public has been able to purchase and watch at home since 1998. It also gives an estimation of what producers at the time thought would suit the Danish market and become popular in Danish society.

A number of the releases can be found in two copies, one of which you can take home with you while the other copy can only be viewed in our reading room on Victor Albecks Vej, Aarhus.

History of the collection

Since 1998, we have actively been collecting two copies of released films and TV-series with connection to Denmark or to Danish society. For example, releases available for purchase in Denmark or releases with Danish subtitles. The collection contains material that has been released on a wide range of media such as VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray. Future releases on possible new types of media will also be included.

We collect the material as a part of the Danish Legal Deposit Act in order to preserve it.

We collect everything and do not distinguish by genre, relevance, or reviews. We preserve the full release, which may also include extra merchandise that came in the packaging such as toys, movie figurines, and printed material. A few of the oldest VHS releases have been published prior to 1998 and have been donated to the library by private individuals or others.

We keep one of the two copies for preservation purposes while the other is sent to the Danish Film Institute. To ensure long-term preservation of the content, we digitise the material and store the file in our IT systems.

Content of the collection

The content consists primarily of feature films and TV-series for both children, adolescents and adults. In addition, you can find subjects such as education, cooking, intro-films for Danish municipalities, documentaries, porn and travel reports.

Currently, the collection consists of the following:

  • VHS - approximately 5.400 releases from 1980 onwards
  • DVD and Blu-ray – approximately 32.000 releases from 1999 onwards

New releases on DVD and Blu-ray are still added to our collection, while the collection of VHS tapes has stopped. If an old release is released on a new type of media like DVDs, this will also be added to our collection, as we consider it a new edition.

In order to provide the best service possible, we are cooperating with the Danish public libraries. Our cooperation means that before any public library discards, say, a DVD, they will check if we need an extra copy of the work. If this is the case, they will deliver it to us and we will record it in our collection as the copy allowed for home use.