The Aerial Photography Collection

Today, Royal Danish Library's collections contain 5.2 million aerial photo units. Aerial photos are images taken from the air, typically from an airplane.

Aerial photo: the property Bonderupvej 69 in Ubberup near Ugerløse

Photo: Ophav ukendt

The collection consists of vertical photos as well as classic oblique photos of farms and houses from the period 1936-1992, and it contains both negatives and positives. Vertical photos are photos taken from the air perpendicular to the earth's surface, and were originally taken for mapping, planning or military purposes. Vertical photos typically show a larger area from a great height, whereas oblique photos typically show a single property or a smaller urban section.

Oblique photos are photos taken at an oblique angle, and are available both with and without horizon. We have digitised all our aerial photos, which are available in An Aerial View of Denmark.

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Danmark set fra luften