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Peter Elfelt

Elfelt stands with a large camera and cloth over his head.
Delve into the Royal Danish Library's digitised collection of Elfelt's thousands of photographs, ranging from the development of the welfare society in Denmark to man's best furry friend.


Four daffodils
For most people, Easter means, first and foremost, a series of bank holidays. Many of the traditions associated with Easter have changed over time. Dive into the symbols and customs of Easter.

Valentine's Day

Carl Nielsen looks in love at his wife Anne Marie Nielsen
Valentine's Day is a very new tradition in Denmark. But we have lots of older, romantic traditions in Denmark, such as love letters and binding letters. We take a loving look at the celebration of…

Party programmes

Politiken's corner on election day 1920
On 1 November 2022, we have to vote in the general election. We have done so many times before. Go back in time with the old digitised party programmes.


Christmas lights above Købmagergade
Christmas is upon us. It is a time rich in traditions, good food and cosiness. Dive into our Christmas theme and read about our many Danish Christmas traditions and Christmas stories.

Friday the 13th

Illustration of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. At his feet sits the Virgin Mary.
One to three times a year the 13th falls on a Friday. But why do many not dare to challenge fate that day? We uncover the origin of the fateful day.

Copenhagen Pride

Bang on rainbow flag background
During Copenhagen Pride Week, we take a look at our cultural heritage, where a number of LGBTI+ people have left their mark.

The roots of racism

Drawing of the harbor at St. Thomas
May 2021 marks a year since the murder of the 46-year-old black American George Floyd. On that occasion, we have taken a look at our collections to examine the roots of racism.

Thus the world changes

Thomas Pikety in conversation with Rune Lykkeberg
With the monumental work Capital and Ideology, comparable to the masterpieces of Adam Smith and Karl Marx, the French star economist Thomas Piketty pays homage to human imagination and freedom.


Dybbøl Mill with Dannebrog hoisted
100 years ago Southern Jutland and Denmark were reunited. Learn more about what happened and take a look at our collections.

While you wait

Mom and her children looking out the window
If you can not come to us, we will come to you! Maybe you are in quarantine at home or you are one of the particularly vulnerable. This is content that can be enjoyed from the comforts of your home.

Find more in our collections

Map collection

Older maps of parts of Europe
Our collection of maps is one of Northern Europe's largest. The oldest maps in the collection date from the 16th century, and the newest may have just come from the printing house.

Newspaper collection

Employee in the Statens Avissamling between shelves
The national newspaper collection consists of daily newspapers and local newspapers that have been published in Denmark or have direct relations to Denmark.