Overview of regulations for users of our reading rooms, materials and collections.

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Loans and returns of materials

Access to more recent archives

Rules for accessing some archives and items in our library catalog that contain documents younger than 75 years and that contain information of a private nature.

Regulations of Det Kgl. Bibliotek

Regulations for private users.

Regulations for employees at the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and Roskilde University

Special regulations for employees at selected universities.

Regulations for Roskilde University Library users, 16 to 17 years old

Special exceptions from the regulations for private users for Roskilde University Library users aged 16 to 17.

Regulations for public and research libraries

Applies to libraries with an SBT number.

Regulations for research institutions/companies

This application form applies exclusively to the institution or company as a whole. If you want to register as an individual, please register as a private user.

Regulations for the Administrative Library in the Black Diamond

The Administrative Library is open to everyone, but our services depend on your place of employment.

Regulations for borrowing manuscripts and unpublished theatre texts from the Teatre Collection

Professional or established theatres, as well as theatre schools can borrow manuscripts and unpublished theatre texts.

Regulations for loans from Det Kgl. Bibliotek’s Orchestral Collection

Professional orchestras or choirs, established amateur orchestras or choirs and music education institutions can borrow orchestral notes.

Regulations for employees at SMK / Statens Museum for Kunst

Special regulations for employees at SMK / Statens Museum for Kunst.

Utilising reading rooms and public areas

Regulations for public areas at Det Kgl. Bibliotek

These regulations apply to the locations affiliated with Det Kgl. Bibliotek.

Regulations for the Research Reading Room, The Black Diamond, Copenhagen

These regulations apply to the Research Reading Room, which is a shared reading room for Det Kgl. Bibliotek and the Danish National Archives.

Regulations for the Danish National Art Library, Study Room Søborg

These regulations apply to materials that are exclusively available in the study room in Søborg.

Regulations for taking pictures with your own camera in the Research reading room and the Study room in Søborg

Within certain limits you can photograph material in reading rooms.