Jewish culture and history abroad

The manuscripts and printed matter in Hebrew, Yiddish and other Jewish languages (1485-) and the minor collection of publications in Western languages in the Judaica Collection is The Royal Library's main collection of early literature and fiction (since 1995 fiction has for the most part not been acquired). Pre-1950 publications are not available for loan, but can be ordered through REX for reading room use. In the remaining National Collection, pre-1950 publications on Jewish culture and history are mainly registered in the systematic catalogues (shelved in the Information Hall of the Holm Building)  as "Jewish antiquities [Jødiske antikviteter]" (vol. 12, -357; vol. 60, -2; vol. 143, -2) and "Hebrew literature [Hebraisk litteratur]" (vol. 18, - 195; vol. 75:3, -129; vol. 175:6, -11), but it should be emphasized that these categories may differ from a modern perception of these topics.
Works of individual authors are - regardless of languages - to be sought and ordered in REX, using original scripts or transcription (see info boxes on this page).   

Music scores (manuscripts, printed scores etc.) containing works of Jewish composers and/or with Jewish "themes" (e.g. klezmer) are to be sought in the Music Collections; in the same way are theater scripts etc. to be found in the Drama Collections. Photographs and portraits of Jewish personalities and historical events with relevance for Jewish history can be sought in the Prints and Photographs Section.

Finally mention should be made of the collections of the Manuscript Collections and Archives, whose collections of manuscripts and early printed matters may contain references to Judaism and Jewish topics or persons and/or may reflect the attitudes of the surrounding societies.