Jewish culture and history in the National Collections

The different collections of The National Library hold different types of items relevant to Jewish studies, and a number of themes can be discerned (link in the left hand menu):

Danish-Jewish culture and history: Which are the sources available at The National Library relevant to the Danish-Jewish experience and to the Danish-Jewish culture of past and present?

Judaism: Judaism is amply represented in the collections of The National Library, but how do I find a modern edition of the Talmud, or a siddur (prayer book)?

Jewish culture and history abroad: If I want to read I. B. Singer in Yiddish or Yoram Kaniuk in Hebrew - as well as finding descriptions of the societies they depict - what should I do?

Geneaolgy (family history): When you want to know more about your Jewish greatgreatgrandparents who left e.g. Lithuania at the end of the 19th century, and about the society they left behind ...

Please note that all printed materials (books, papers, periodicals, music scores) and pictures (photographs, portraits) always - regardless of language - primarily should be searched for and ordered through REX (for access to the Music and Photographic catalogues, chose "National Library").

More information about how to find information about Jewish studies can be found by following these link:
The Judaica Collection

Do you have further questions and/or are you in need of some guidance? Then you are welcome to write to!