Hans Christian Andersen online

The Royal Library has made editions and documents available online in order to illustrate important aspects of Hans Christian Andersens's life and work on the occasion of his 200 year anniversary in 2005. This work was partially coordinated with corresponding initiatives at The Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense and The Hans Christian Andersen Centre at the University of Southern Denmark, and received substantial support from The HCA2005 Foundation.

The first contribution of The Royal Library within this framework was a complete publication of Hans Christian Andersen's Paper Cuts in The Royal Library with an introductory essay by the author and literary critic Jens Andersen.

In connection with this publication the Manuscript Department published the Picture-Book for Hans Christian Ørsted which Hans Christian Andersen and Mathilde Ørsted made together in 1869. This first publication of the book is prefaced by dr.phil. Erik Dal. Also the first internet-edition of Christine's Picture Book , made by Hans Christian Andersen and Adolph Drewsen in 1859, was published.

A selection of Portraits of Hans Christian Andersen has been published. Hans Christian Andersen was the most photographed Dane of his day. Over 150 photographs were taken of the poet between the first, now lost, photograph from 1843 and Georg E. Hansen's last photographs from 1874. Among the Royal Library's 250 portraits 85 contemporary photographs have been chosen for this special web edition.

Hans Christian Andersen and Music is the title of a web presentation enriched with images, manuscripts, musical scores, and recorded musical examples.


 Other manuscripts and online editions (only in Danish):

The play Hyldemoer


Fairy Tales

Diary from a Journey in Germany 1831

Diaries I-XII

Almanacs 1833-1873

Hans Christian Andersen and Theatre. A web exhibition (some parts translated into English)