Carl Nielsen

Carl Nielsen til hest

Carl Nielsen is probably the most famous Danish composer. In The Royal Library, you can find a number of materials and information about the composer. At the same time the library is the centre of the publication of Carl Nielsen's works - music as well as texts, letters and portraits.


Printed editions - search them in the database REX
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Carl Nielsen Udgaven [The Carl Nielsen Edition]- a collected edition of his entire musical production
  Carl Nielsen Studies - peer reviewed periodical with articlesby an international board of authors about the composer, his time and environment
  Carl Nielsen brevudgaven - collected edition of Carl Nielsen's correspondence - read the prefaces (in Danish)
  Carl Nielsen til sin samtid - an edition (In Danish) of Carl Nielsen's printed articles, lectures, interviews etc. 
 Tegning af Carl Nielsens hænder Carl Nielsen bibliography - references to literature fraom 1985 and onwards about the composer
 Portræt af Carl Nielsen Carl Nielsen pictures with a number of portraits and group photos
Carl Nielsen fortegnelse / Catalogue of Carl Nielsen's Works (CNW)

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