Miscellany of printed harp parts, c.1800

J. B. Mayer
  Complete Instructions for the Harp... To which is added Principles of Thorough Bass.   (London, [1800?] )
J. E. Weippert  A second book of progressive lesson's for the Pedal Harp... Op. 13.  (London, [180?] )
J. E. Weippert et al  [A Collection of Pedal Harp music...]  Op. 20.  (London, [1805] )
J. L. Dussek  Dussek's celebrated Duet for the Harp & Piano-Forte... Op. 38.  (London, [1798?] ) (Incomplete - harp part only)
Ph. J. Hinner  Four Duets for two Harps  Op. 10.  (London, [c.1800] ) (Incomplete - 1st harp part only)
M. Steibelt  A me tutte le belle, a favorite Rondo for the Harp & Pianoforte...   (London, [1797] ) (Incomplete - harp part only)
M. P. Dalvimare  Four Favorite Airs, arranged with variations for the Harp(London, [1810?] )
J. E. Weippert  A favorite Sonata for the Pedal Harp, in which is introduced La Pipe de Tabac with variations... Op. 18.  (London, [180?] )
Mr. Casimir  A March, La Georgette & La Frevée, two Waltzes for the Harp.   (London, [c.1810] )
G. Adams  Merrily Danc'd the Quaker's Wife. A favorite Rondo for the Harp...   (London, [180?] )
J. E. Weippert  Oh Mein Liebster Augustin. A German Air with variations for the Pedal Harp or Piano Forte...   (London, [180?] )
Sophia Dussek  Four favorite Airs arranged for the Harp. Book 4th.   (London, [1815?] )
Sophia Dussek  Three favorite Airs with variations for the Harp. Book 1.   (London, [1815?] )
J. B. Krumpholtz  Andante du celébré Haydn, arrangé pour la Harp avec accompagnemet de Violon ad libitum.   (London, [c.1800] ) (Incomplete - harp part only)
Th. Budd  Duncan Grey with variations for the Harp. (Budd's Rondos).   (London, [c1800] )
J.-B. Cardon  Ah vous dirai je Maman. A favorite French Air with variations for the Harp, composed by Cardon, fils.   (London, [180?] )