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Croubelis, Simoni dall

(b ?1726; d ?Copenhagen, ?1790). Dutch composer, active in Denmark. Before settling in Copenhagen in the early 1780s he appears to have worked in Amsterdam, where a few arrangements of vocal music (some as flute duets) were published. The earliest reference to his presence in Denmark is the signature 'a Coppenhage le 16 may 1785' on one of his manuscripts. He was 60 years old at the time of the official census on 1 July 1787. Annotations on the music manuscripts and on two handwritten catalogues of the Copenhagen court music archives suggest that he had important connections with members of the nobility. Among these was W.H.R.R. Giedde, an amateur flautist and prominent music collector, through whose widow the collection of Croubelis's music passed to the court and then to the Royal Library. 97 compositions, mostly instrumental, survive in manuscript (most of them presumably autograph). Their style is typical of that of the mid-18th century.


8 concs., 5 for fl, orch, 3 for orch (no solo), incl. Concert danois villagois, ou Divertissement des dames; 8 syms., incl. 1 'dans le gout asiatique', ed. in The Symphony 1720-1840, ser. F, vi (New York, 1983) and 'Simphonie chinoise'; 6 syms. concertantes, 1 ed. in The Symphony 1720-1840, ser. F, vi (New York, 1983); 2 sextets; 4 qnts; 19 qts; 11 trios; sonatas, duets, fl; arias, v, insts: all in DK-Kk
Arrs.: De CL psalmen Davids, benevens veele andere stigtelyke lof-gedigten, vn/fl/ob (Amsterdam, 1763); Nieuwe geestelyke rymstoffen van verschiedene liefhebbers, v/vn/fl/ob/hpd (Amsterdam, n.d) [with W. Vermooten]; Airs choisies de plusieurs opéras français, 2 fl (Amsterdam, n.d.); Recueil nouveau d'airs, menuets, contredanses, gavottes & gigues, de différens autheurs, italiens, françois & anglois, 2 fl/vn (Amsterdam, n.d.)


N. Krabbe: 'Simoni dall Croubelis, "compositeur ved musiquen", København 1787', Musik & forskning, iii (1977), 11-25 [incl. Eng. summary]


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