Digitization project in the Map Collection

The Map Collection's digitization project increases the availability of the Danish cultural heritage of maps and atlases. The high quality of the digitization and the zoom function makes it possible to view details of the maps.

To view the digitized maps, search the database "Maps and atlas - Skanned maps" in REX:: choose REX, select: National Library, choose Maps and atlas - Scanned maps or click here


In 2007 we plan to digitize maps and prints from Civitates Orbis Terrarum by G. Braun & F. Hogenberg. The maps and prints will be presented as a digital facsimile .

Part of a map showing Lolland Falster, drawn by Søkortdirektør Jens Sørensen in the begining of the 18th century

The following groups of maps are digitized and linked from the record in REX

Topographical maps showing Denmark dated up to 1900
Maps in large formats
Lafreris' Atlas Italian cartographers' maps of the 15th century
The Rink collection, contains maps of Greenland
Topographical maps showing Copenhagen dated up to 1900
Maps showing the old possessions of Denmark dated up to 1900 or while the colony  was in Danish possession

The following groups of maps are digitized and will be linked to the record in REX in 2007

Maps showing the main regions in Denmark
Maps showing Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands dated up to 1900

Digital facsimiles

Frederik den Femtes Atlas in 55 volumes in a digital facsimile. The user can browse through the volumes. If a map in the atlas has a record in REX the title information appears beneath the digitized map.

The Copperplates from Resens ATLAS DANICUS in a digital facsimile, at the moment without the browsing possibility.

Map series, non-Danish

The index maps to the non-Danish map series are digitized, the map series are catalogued in REX and the record is linked to the index map