Early printed books in the Judaica Collection

The Judaica Collection holds a relatively large collection of incunabula (books printed before 1500) and postincunabula (books printed in the 16th century), primarily in Hebrew, but also Yiddish and Latin is represented.  So far, four digital facsimiles are available: Kroyvets (Kraków, 1571), a Sefer Minhagim (Venice 1593), and two editions of the so-called Prague Haggadah.

Thirty-eight of the incunabula were originally in the collection acquired from Lazarus Goldschmidt in 1949; the remaining fourteen titles had been acquired earlier, the majority from David Simonsen's library. All fifty-two inclunablula are described (in Danish) in:

Katalog over Det kongelige Biblioteks Inkunabler / ved Victor Madsen. - Kbh., 1935-1963 (link to The Royal Library's printed and online editions) 

Hebrew incunbula are:

  • Vol. I: no. 2 (belongs in the Manuscript Collections and Archvies)
  • Vol. II, no. 2760-2761, 2825, 4254, 4256-4260, 4262-4265
  • Vol. III: no. 4298-4334

The incunabula can be ordered for use in a reading room via the library catalogue REX.

The collection of postincunabula numbers some 400 titles and is catalogued in REX; for an overview - with the possiblity of narrowing the search and ordering for use in a reading room - click here.

Please note that also other collections of The National Library may hold early Hebrew printed books.