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Monographs, anthologies etc.

Many of The Royal Library's different collections contain monographs, anthologies, collections of articles, editions etc. within the field of Jewish Studies. They are to be searched for in the collective online catalouge REX by using the "All items" search box and entering words you know - or suspect - to be part of the record, e.g. name of author(s), title words etc. This holds good regardless of the language of the book, and regardless of whether it is available in print or (also) as an e-book.

If you are in doubt regarding the spelling of names, title words etc., you can use a truncated search, i.e. you enter as much of the word that you are certain of, and after that an * .  Entering e.g. the search term "jew*" in the title search field will return all books containing the title words "Jew", "Jews", "Jewish" etc. (but also "jewellery" and "jewels"). This method is valid for both Western and Hebrew scripts (though when you enter the * from the Hebrew keyboard, it appears at the beginning of the word). More information on this can be found in REX. Having found an interesting title, you may find other titles on the same topic by clicking on the Subject words in the record. If they are not "clickable", use the for searches "with my exact phrase" in the "Classification/Call no." field. You can also browse though all titles in the catalogue; chose "starts with" in the middle drop down menue.

In REX Classic ("old REX"), "Browse the index" (bottom of REX main search page) can also be useful; entering the beginning of a name/word will return all names/words beginning that way in a list, from which you can choose the relevant one.Also Advanced search: Subject search gives you the possiblity of using different subject code systems to either click you way through the (Danish) lists until you find the relevant codes (this is for the moment only valid for SK2), or to design your own search using the different codes.  For a PDF containing an English translation of the most recent subject code system used (SK2), click here. Also note that when you have found an interesting book, you may find other books covering the same subjects by clicking the Subject links in the record. However, for technichal reasons (i.e. converging classifications systems), sometimes titles from other areas will appear. Please note, that you cannot order items via REX Classic; please use the data found there (e.g. shelfmark/call no.) to find the item again in REX and order it.

Articles in scientific journals and anthologies

For finding articles in scientific journals etc. RAMBI - Index of articles on Jewish Studies is warmly recommended; it is an online-bibliography covering articles (in Hebrew and Western languages) published 1966 and later. Enter a search word (in English or Hebrew) in any of the search frames and choose from the resulting list. The individual journals etc, where the articles have been published, are then searched and ordered in REX. (A suggestion: if you have two browsers open, one with RAMBI and the other with REX, you can copy-and-paste from the RAMBI records to the search fields of REX.)

E-books, e-journals, databases etc.

Many books and journals are available as electronic resources of The Royal Library. All resources are available from the terminals at The Black Diamond (The National Library/Copenhagen University Library Slotsholmen), at the other locations different resources are available, depending on the subject area of the faculty library in question. Printing possibilities differ.

All individual books/periodicals are recorded in REX (sometimes from different providers, covering the same or different volumes/edition); search for author/title words.  

It is also possible to search in  all of a specific providers' collective resources at the same time. Relevant to Jewish Studies are in particular:

E-brary (e-books)
Cambridge Journals Online (e-journals)
JSTOR (e-journals)
Oxford Scholarship Online (e-books) 
Periodicals Archive Online (e-journals)
Project MUSE (e-journals)
SwetsWise (e-journals)

Manuscripts and Early printed books - see links in left hand margin!

And if you have further questions, you are always invited to send a mail to!