Books and periodicals in Western languages

Also a minor collection of books and periodicals in Western languages, published before 1950, is part of the Judaica Collection. These works are to be sought and oredered through REX, and are only available for use in a reading room.

The items are shelved in closed stacks by size, which also is indicated in the shelfmark (octavo: -; quarto: k; folio: f) and the shelfmark normally ends with a serial number, here indicated by #. An overview of the contents of a particular partial collection is therefore possible in REX by a truncated search for "Shelfmark", e.g. " ju-go-* ".

The main part of the collection is books from David Simonsen's private library. Shelfmarks: ju-#; juk-#; juf-#.
Subjects: mainly Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Eibeschütz collection consists of books formerly belonging to the University Library (bought through a donation from Simon Eibeschütz). Shelfmarks: ju-ei-#, ju-eik-#, ju-eit-aa etc.
Subjects: mainly Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Goldschmidt collection consists of books acquired in 1949 from Lazarus Goldschmidt. Shelfmark: ju-go-#.
Subjects: bibliography, scholarly studies and editions, humanities.

Also the periodica collection consists mainly of items from David Simonsen's library. To some degree, these periodicals are gradually becoming available online; e.g. is a major part of the German-Jewish periodicals published before World War II available for free though the German database Compact Memory. Other titles are available through The Royal Library's subscriptions to e-journals, primarily via the provider JSTOR.