Books and periodicals in Yiddish

The collection of Yiddish publications stem to a large degree from donations and consists primarily of fiction. The collection is shelved in closed stacks according to size, as indicated in the shelfmarks (octavo: - ; quarto: k, folio: f), which normally also includes a serial number (here indicated by #). All items are registered in REX (mostly in both original scripts and transscription), apart from some of the older periodicals.

The Old Collection holds works printed 1600-1950, partly originating in the acquisition of David Simonsen's library (1932), partly from other donations, e.g. parts of the collection of the Bund Worker's Reading Room in Copenhagen (1967). The collection is for reading room use only. Shlefmarks: jid-#, jidk- # (e.g. jid-1234).
Subjects: fiction, literary studies and editions, Rabbinic texts (translations/paraphrases)

The New Collection contains publications printed 1951 and later (catalogued 1971-). Shelfmarks:  jid-[year]-#; jidk-[year]- # etc. (e.g. jid-73-234 and jidk-1999-1). 
Subjects: fiction, literary studies and editions 

The Memorbikher (מעמורביכער, a.k.a. Yizkor-books, Zikhroynes, זכרונות) forms a special collection. Books primarily published after WWII and contaning documentation of the regions, cities and villages, where the Jewish population was wholly or partially wiped out in the Holocaust. Despite being part of the Yiddish collection, they often contain text also in other languages, e.g. Hebrew, but also languages relevant to the areas they document.  In general available for lending. Shelfmarks: jid-mem-#; jidk-mem-#. For an introduction to the genre (courtesy of by the New York Public Library), click here.

Two donations of substance are the Tenenbaum Collection (from the author Shea Tenenbaum, 1960s) and the London Collection (bequest from the publisher Israel London, New York, 1974). Both these collections hold mainly post-War works of fiction, published in the United States, often with dedications from the author. In general available for lending. Shelfmarks:  jid-ten-#, jid-ten-[year]-# and jid-lon-#, jid-lon-[year]-#.

Journals, periodicals etc. are part of both the Old and the New collections, and are sought by title in REX. The information on the holdings are, in particular for the Old collection, unreliable, as the materials are very fragile and the final recording has to await repacking to enable handling of the material. Shelfmarks: jidæt-#, jidækt-# (OC), jidnyt-#, jidnykt-# (NC).