Danish books (1701-1900) on demand – order PDFs at no charge

Due to a grant from the Ministry of Culture, from November 2012 until the end of 2014, The Royal Library has offered all registered users the option of ordering free PDF copies of select Danish monographs printed 1701-1900 (and hence normally only for reading room use).  App. 9,400 titles were digitized in the grant period.  The service became quite popular, and continues in 2015. The users receive a link to the digitized title; the same link is available through the library’s OPAC REX and hence available to all users. The physical copy of the title can afterwards only be ordered to the reading room after special application, and will that way be less exposed to the wear and tear that transportation and other handling entails.


It has now been decided, that this offer will be valid also in 2015. App. 125,000 titles remains available; they are primarily single-volume titles, but plans for making also multi-volume titles available. But already now, they can be made available for ordering by sending a request to EPUB@kb.dk.

Beginning 1 June 2015, the service is improved, in that the result of the digitization process will be presented to the users in two different qualities: one full-text searchable b/w PDF and one non-searchable colour PDF. Please note, that PDFs from before this date will be available only as searchable colour PDFs.

Newspapers and other periodicals are NOT included in this offer. Danish books printed 1901 or later can only be included by agreement with the rights holder. 

Read more about this service  (how to order etc.)

Contact: EPUB@kb.dk