The Karen Blixen Archive

Karen Blixen was born at Rungstedlund on April 17, 1885 and died the same place September 7, 1962 at the age of 77. And it was here that she wrote her seven books. The Karen Blixen archive, which contains such rich and various materials that illuminate these works of international significance, was also collected and kept together at this place, until transferred to the Royal Library in 1969.

The Karen Blixen archive is unique in that it represents all genres:
1. manuscripts, typed or handwritten, in both Danish and English
2. sketch books from her youth which contain rough drafts for stories accompanied by drawings, for example of characters from the French Revolution
3. radio talks 
4. letters both to and from Karen Blixen, especially a copious correspondence with her family during the years in Africa. Her correspondence after her return to Denmark with her family, authors, publishers and friends bears witness to a large and interesting set of contacts
5. guest books, diary entries, for example from a four month stay in Paris in her youth in 1910
6. accounts from running the coffee plantation in Africa
7. passports and other personal papers
8. drawings from the period spent in the preparatory class at the Art Academy in Copenhagen
9. papers from and concerning members of Karen Blixen's family

The archive provides unique insight both into her life and works, as well as the creative process behind the individual works. Karen Blixen is one of very few authors who wrote with the same literary quality in two languages. The archive contains, for example, her own bilingual manuscript for "Out of Africa".

Towards the end of her life Karen Blixen set up a foundation, Rungstedlundfonden, to which she left her house, its large park and the rights to her works. Thanks to a benevolent permission from this foundation it is now made possible to publish selected parts of The Karen Blixen archive on the web.