This e-collection consists of selected digitised printed works which have been published digitally because they are particularly popular.

Archive for Danish Literature
Archive for Danish Literature is a web site for classical Danish literature that introduces more than 70 Danish authors’ central works. The works are digitised and are available as facsimiles and as text file. You can search on author, title or across the entire text volume.

EOD-Books is a European digitisation service where the users can order and buy digital copies of books, whereupon they are available for all. EOD is a joint European project that includes 14 national and university libraries from eight countries. The Royal Library’s e-books will be incorporated in the joint European database.

The Manuscript Department’s printed catalogues online contains digitisations of about 20 printed catalogues of major manuscript collections.

Book-historical Collection (digital) contains older and rare books.

Scientific web-books contains digitised books and scripts primarily from the 1600 – 1800s, with subjects such as Tycho Brahe, Ole Rømer, Niels Stensen, Flora Danica, medical regulations etc. A total of 13 works.

Older Danish textbooks on music. Formerly a few Danish textbooks on music have been published. Four have been digitised.

Older Danish dancing instructions contains 16 digitised dancing instructions (handwritten and printed) from the 1700s and 1800s. Some contain printed music.

Statens betænkninger includes digitised editions of numbered ministerial orders from no. 1 in 1951 and contain all subsequently published ministerial orders. All are online accessible, as new ministerial orders are added currently, a total of 1,500+ ministerial orders. The ministerial orders are included, in cooperation with The Royal Library, in Statens Netbibliotek, a virtual library containing electronic publications from ministries and government agencies.

A few other books have been digitised.