Book-historical Collection (digital)

As part of The Royal Library’s work with making accessible selected parts of its collections on the Internet, the Book-historical Collection publishes complete digital facsimile editions of selected older prints.

The main emphasis is placed on rare Danish prints dating from the period ca. 1500-1800. Among the works should be mentioned Den danske Rimkrønike (1495), an arithmetic from 1552, Tycho Brahe’s De nova Stella (1572) and the magnificent edition of Flora Danica (1761 ff). As part of the exhibition ‘From Dust to Gold’ you can also see a number of Danish broadsheets, e.g. ‘Om dend Store Hvalfisk, som er død opdreven ved det Gammel-Amager den 17. Juli 1725’.

Among the foreign prints one finds the story of Ulenspiegel (1525/1546) in the only preserved copy of the oldest Flemish edition, as well as the oldest edition of the story about Doctor Faustus in rhymed verse (1588), also only preserved in this single copy.

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Contact: Karen Skovgaard-Petersen