The Museum of Danish Newspaper Cartoons, digital

The e-collection of the museum is under construction and will, when the current project is completed, accommodate approx. 45.000 digital reproductions. At the end of 2011 more than 15.000 cartoons will be available.
The collection of the museum contains close to 200.000 original drawings representing the broad history of the Danish cartoons.
The main focus is the period 1930 -1990, the big names of the profession are well represented. The width and diversity of the collection makes it a unique piece of visual culture- and of the history of Denmark. A part of the collection, the almost 8000 Bo Bojesen-drawings is on its own a unique, comprehensive report of the life and movement of the Danish population during the years 1947 – 1992.

E-collection is available here.

Contact: Claus Seidel