Digital images, places and events

This e-collection contains digitised images – photographs, drawings, watercolours and graphics etc. grouped around a number of subjects dealing with topography and events.

Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. All images (about 52,300) from the Topographical Collection are online accessible.

Greenland: All images (about 6,000) from the Topographical Collection are online accessible.

German Occupation 1940-45: Images with motifs and persons from the German Occupation. All images (7,045) are online accessible.

Müller’s Pinakotek (digital) : e-collection of about 4,400 copper plates which describe the history of Denmark and Norway before 1790. The plates show portraits, historical events and places. The collection is also searchable – via Den Nationale Billedbase ( The National Image Base).

Rawert’s Maleriske Rejse (digital):1,635 drawings and watercolours, the collection consists of topographical pictures done by O.J. Rawert during the period 1805-49 on his many journeys in Denmark and abroad. Half the pictures depict Denmark, the Duchies and Norway. The rest is from Northern and Western Europe. The collection is also searchable – via the Image Base – in The National Image Base.

Kistebilleder: Popular illustrated broadsheets with news and moral tales aimed at the common people. In Denmark, these sheets were often glued to the inside of the lid of the chest of drawers (”kiste”) that was the most common piece of furniture among the lower classes, hence the Danish name for these broadsheets “Kistebilleder.” The Royal Library has digitized all 231 broadsheets in the collection.