Haiku by Hanne Hansen

 In the silent room
a computer is started
Suddenly music

The sound of the broom
Used by energetic man
The snow is removed

The bus is packed
Nearly to the breaking point
With train passengers


Suddenly sunshine
after a long cold winter
the swans are fighting


In the trees doves
eating the moisture of buds
sticky lubricant


Guests are welcome
Even in the evening
of the Nordic night


Sunshine in July
The lamps of the library
are not switched off


Mastering Danish
as a second language
The doors are open


The crown of the birch
is green with a yellow touch
Golden in the sun


The first yellow tree
is a chestnut in the park
Children shaking it


In the reading room
you hear the women moving
with their noisy heels


Reserved tables
for capable borrowers
Presence wanted