Johann Adolph Scheibe: Selected Works

Johann Adolph Scheibe (1708−1776), a German composer and theorist, settled in Denmark in 1740 and is, in particular, known for his Critischer Musikus published during the years 1737−40. In this periodical Scheibe includes a critique of J.S. Bach’s musical style. Though Scheibe was indeed a productive composer his works are, however, rather unknown and many of the works are only available in manuscript in the collections of the Royal Library among other places. 

The present project includes a complete work list consisting of approximately 190 entries which are supplied with extensive source descriptions of those works which are found among the collections of the Royal Library and which might be edited by DCM. The list also includes the titles of compositions that do not seem to have survived.

Among those works which are under consideration are his passion oratories and cantatas; they were performed by Det Musikalske Selskab og achieved great popularity in the late eighteenth century. The music has never been published before. Scheibe's 'Passions-Cantata’ (Lent 1768, text by Johannes Ewald) is the first work to be edited; but also his 'Sørge-Kantate ved Christi Grav' (text by Johannes Ewald), which received its first performance the following year, is planned published in a modern scholarly edition including orchestral parts.

Member of staff: Peter Hauge