The Danish Centre for Music Publication (DCM) was established in 2009 as a research unit under The Royal Library.  

The Centre’s primary aim is to make musical works and musical sources related to Danish history available for scholars and performers; the aim is also to develop and to expand philological competences and to develop methods and tools for digital editions of music.

Musical works published by DCM are practical scholarly editions; that is, they have been edited for practical use, but they also explain carefully any editorial intervention as well as discrepancies (variants) that there might be between the work’s various sources. Thus the reader or performer can get an impression of its genesis and variance. DCM’s music publications include, furthermore, a preface introducing the reader to the history of the work and its reception.

The majority of DCM’s publications may be downloaded free of charge, or a printed paperback copy may be bought.

Projects at the DCM belong to one of three categories:

  • Projects initiated and carried out by members of staff at the DCM 
  • Projects ‘on demand’,  ordered not least by soloists, ensembles or orchestras, but still funded and carried out by members of staff at the DCM 
  • Projects initiated and funded by external partners, but carried out in close collaboration with the DCM
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Download free music scores from DCM

Music scores from DCM are freely available for download. Click to see our publications so far.

Paul von Klenau: Symphony no. 9

DCM has published Paul von Klenau’s last comprehensive work, the Symphony No. 9 from 1945.

Peter Heise: Drot og Marsk (King and Marshal)

DCM has published Peter Heise's opera 'Drot og Marsk' from 1878, regarded as one of the most important Danish operas from the 19th century


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