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Photo: Holger Damgaard

Danish drama for everyone

On the occasion of Danish drama becoming available to all Danish users, we have conducted a series of interviews with Danish dramatists and researchers providing inspiration and recommendations.

Royal Danish Library has an extensive collection of Danish drama. However, many of the works have never been published. This means that a great many of the plays that have been performed on Danish theatre stages over the past 300 years have only been performed a few times, and the general population has not had the access to read the plays.

But with a new agreement license, you can now read unpublished Danish dramatic works digitally and completely free of charge through the library.

Access to unpublished Danish drama is for everyone, whether you work in theatre, are a teacher, research theatre history or simply want to delve into your favourite play. The dramatic works range from comedies and vaudevilles to tragedies and political dramas.

Experience playwrights and theatre researchers talk about the history and importance of drama


Please note that TV dramas and radio dramas are currently not covered by the library's agreement license for making Danish drama available.


Foreign dramas with active rights (70 years from death) and music dramas are not included in the agreement. As a researcher, it is possible to be provided with data sets for research.