Anders Toftgaard flips through books in Det Kgl. Bibliotek's Danish Hall. Still from the movie A Word for Human

Photo: Mauricio González-Aranda

Behind the scenes at The Black Diamond

In 2017, film director Mauricio González-Aranda followed the day-to-day work at The Black Diamond in his movie "A Word for Human". Watch it here.

Mauricio González-Aranda's film "A Word for Human" takes us back to 2017, when The Black Diamond - our location on the Copenhagen waterfront - had the artists Marina Abramovic and Olafur Eliasson as well as the photographer Henrik Saxgreen on the program. The Arctic, colonial history and climate change were among the topics.

Elsewhere in the house, senior researcher Anders Toftgaard was buried in books trying to understand the motivation of a book collector who was obsessed with Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592), one of the great humanists of the Renaissance.

The film is an artistic portrait of some of the many activities that we housed in 2017, and an opportunity to get behind the library's facade.

A word for human

"A Word For Human" (2019) goes behind the scenes at the Royal Danish Library. Director: Mauricio González-Aranda