Margrethe with scepter and crown

Photo: Foto af oliemaleri på Sveriges Nationalmuseum

Podcast - Margrete I

Have you seen the new movie about Margaret I? Listen to our podcast about the movie, Margaret's life and how to portray historical figures in fiction.

Margaret I was the most powerful woman of her time - a time when political positions were rarely given to women. Nevertheless, Margrete became queen of not only Denmark, but also Norway and Sweden, which she managed to unite in the Kalmar Union.

In this podcast, our cultural producer Lise Bach Hansen talks about Margaret I with author Anne Lise Marstrand-Jørgensen, who has written the award-winning novel "Margrete I", actress Lotte Andersen, film director Charlotte Sieling, who is behind the big movie "Margrete the First", and historian, dr.phil. Anders Bøgh.

Each of them have portrayed Margaret I and together they answer questions about this visionary first-mover like: How is she portrayed in literature? On film? What do the historical sources tell us about her? And why did, Danish socialite, Emma Gad already in 1910 believe that it was time to have a monument erected for Margaret I?

Listen to podbean: The Lady-king Conquers Again - about Margrete I

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