Politiken's corner on election day 1920

Photo: Holger Damgaard

Party programmes

On 1 November 2022, we have to vote in the general election. We have done so many times before. Go back in time with the old digitised party programmes.

A party programme is an umbrella term for a political party's work programme, election programme or programme of principles leading up to an election. The party programme is an official document in which the party presents its political vision for Danish society.

Royal Danish Library has a large collection of party programmes.

We have the party programmes because of the Legal Deposit Act. All printed, published material must be submitted in duplicates to the library. This also means that political parties have a duty to submit their party programmes to us, and we then preserve them so researchers and other interested parties can delve into them and learn more about our collective past.

Below you can see a selection of covers of old party programmes, or you can click on the button to see some of the election campaign material that we have digitised.

Venstre, 1947

Photo: Venstre

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Socialdemokratiet, 2001

Photo: Socialdemokratiet

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Det konservative Folkeparti, 2006

Photo: Det konservative Folkeparti

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Socialdemokratiet, 1993

Photo: Socialdemokratiet

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Kristeligt Folkeparti, 1988

Photo: Kristeligt Folkeparti

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Enhedslisten, 1998

Photo: Enhedslisten

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Dansk Folkeparti, 2007

Photo: Dansk Folkeparti

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Kristeligt Folkeparti, 2001

Photo: Kristeligt Folkeparti

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