Wild Plants

In the prospectus for Flora Danica the declared purpose of the work was that it should be " a work, that is to treat all the plants, which by nature and without the help of man grow in the wild in both His Majesty's kingdoms [both Norway and Denmark at that time] and  other possessions in Europe."

This limitation means that neither cultivated species nor plants bred by man are found in Flora Danica.  The farmer and the rose enthusiast will look in vain for the plants with which they work each day. The wild grasses and wild roses are there - some of them beautiful - but neither the Ingrid Bergman rose nor the stiff wheat ear.

Limiting scope to wild plants is also a source of doubt: when is a plant wild and when is it  introduced?  Research progresses, so the individual parts of Flora Danica can only represent the state of research as the time of publication. Decisions of this historical sort cannot be 100 per cent certain.  Errors occur.

Tavle 1580 - Korn-Valmue - Papaver rhoeas L. Plate 1580 - Corn poppy - Papaver rhoeas