The Editors

Georg Christian Oeder
Oeder planned the publication of Flora Danica and started the work.

O. F. Müller
Müller published numerous trail-blazing works on worms, molluscs and infusoria, which he studied under the microscope.

Martin Vahl
Martin Vahl took over the publication of Flora Danica after O. F. Müller and published 6 parts with 360 plates in all.

J. W. Hornemann
Hornemann won the first prize in 1793 in the  Natural History Society's competition on Danish economic botany.
S. Drejer
Drejer became the editor in 1841, but failed to complete a single part before he died.

Joachim Frederik Schouw
Schouw was elected to the Royal Academy of Sciences in 1823 and was a founding member of the Natural History Society in 1833.
Jens Vahl
In 1840 Jens Vahl was hired by the Botanical Museum and became assistant and librarian there in 1842. He bequeathed his manuscripts and herbarium to the Botanical Museum.
F. Liebmann
Liebmann received royal support for a plant collecting expedition to Mexico 1840-43, and brought back not only dried and living plants, many of them hitherto unknown, but also zoological, ethnographic and archaeological collections.

Japetus Steenstrup
Japetus Steenstrup was a leading force in the establishment of the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen, and he obtained extensive oceanic collections through cooperation with ship captains.

Johan Lange
Lange was among the founders of the Botanical Society. In 1850-51 he published his Haandbog i den danske Flora (Handbook of the Danish Flora), which appeared in four revised editions up to 1888.