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Regulations for the Research reading room, The Black Diamond, Copenhagen.

The Research reading room is a shared reading room for Det Kgl. Bibliotek and the Danish National Archives. The Research reading room is open to researchers and other users, who have a documented need to consult Det Kgl. Bibliotek’s non-circulating material and/or the reference collection set up for use on-site, as well as all users of the Danish National Archives records.

What is allowed in the Research reading room?

  • You can bring your computer and tablet but no bags or sleeves.
  • You can bring pencils but no ballpoint pens or something similar.
  • You can bring your telephone, provided it is in silent mode. Conversations and taking phone calls are not allowed.
  • You can bring your own camera but not the bag/case. Read more here: Regulations for photography with your own camera in the Research reading room and the Study room in Søborg
  • You can bring books and a pad of paper and up to 20 pieces of paper.
  • You can bring your spectacle case and any medication necessary to maintain life functions.
  • You are allowed to bring these items, to the extent that they can fit in a transparent carrier bag.

You are not allowed to:

  • Bring outdoor clothes, umbrellas, bags, pencil cases, computer sleeves, or similar.
  • Bring your own scanner.
  • Bring beverages, food, candy, lotions, or similar. 

Loans and returns

  • Det Kgl. Bibliotek’s books and other materials ordered for use in the reading room are distributed at the counters when presented of user/health cards and must be returned at the same location when you leave the reading room for the remainder of the day.
  • Danish National Archives records, that have been ordered for use in the reading room, are distributed at the counter on return of a completed form containing name, order, and shelf number. The records must be returned at a specific location after use when you leave the reading room for the remainder of the day.
  • You cannot remove borrowed material from the reading room. 
  • Unassigned material from the library will be returned after 10 days in the reading room. Loans can be extended by meeting up in person. You are allowed to have up to 10 items at a time.
  • Danish National Archives records must be returned when the loan period ends. Loans can be extended via Daisy. You are allowed to have up to 15 items at a time.

Handling of borrowed material

  • If you damage borrowed material, you may be subject to liability for damages.
  • You should always handle borrowed material with clean, dry hands and with caution.
  • Only one box/record is allowed on a table at a time.
  • Do not moisten your fingers during handling.
  • Never underline or mark material/records.
  • Do not bend or crease pages.
  • You cannot put stickers or similar on borrowed material.
  • Never use the material/records as a desk pad.
  • You cannot change the order of the documents in the box. Documents must always be put back in the box they came from.
  • In some cases, the use of material/records may be subject to special conditions determined by the lending institution.

Photography and scanning

  • You are allowed to use your own camera (no flash) to photograph material and use reading room scanners, provided there are no photo and scanning restrictions. Restrictions will appear on your authorization permit or be instructed at the distribution of the material.
  • The use of handheld scanners is not allowed.
  • The reading room staff is at all times authorised to stop or prohibit photography or scanning, to ensure quiet working conditions for other users, the safety of the material, safety measures, or similar.
  • Please be aware of existing legislation on use, including the Public Records Act, the Copyright Act, and Data Protection Act.
  • You are responsible for referring correctly and unequivocally to the material/records and for mentioning that the material is located in the collections of Det Kgl. Bibliotek or the Danish National Archives.

Stays in the reading room

  • The reading room is a workplace for many people. Always show consideration and talk kindly to the staff and each other.
  • The staff will assign you a seat, depending on the type of material you need. The staff may at all times assign you with a new seat e.g. due to safety measures.
  • Users at the Danish National Archives must be registered electronically by the guard at the search counter before entry to the reading room. Health cards are used for registration (the former Medical card). Always bring your health card when visiting the reading room. In addition to your health card, you must also bring a valid picture ID e.g. passport, driver’s license or similar, when registering as a user. Foreign users will be issued a special card by the guard on presentation of a valid picture ID.
  • If you leave your spot for more than 30 minutes at a time, please clear the table so it can be used by others. You must return the table number to the guard when exiting the reading room.
  • Reference books in the reading room are for on-site use only and cannot be removed. Books must be returned to the counter after use.
  • The guard will monitor that materials and records are not removed from the reading room. This is done by searching books, papers, etc. in accordance with the Act on visitation at certain state and state-authorized cultural heritage institutions with public access to the collections.
  • All users are required to follow the instructions of the staff as well as applicable regulations.
  • Violation of these regulations may result in the suspension or exclusion as a user.
  • Complaints must be addressed to either the Danish National Archives or to Det Kgl. Bibliotek.
ID-Kort til Det Kgl. Biblioteks Læsesal Det Kgl. Bibliotek

In order to get access to costly and rare works, you need to be registered as a user at Det Kgl. Bibliotek and have a special ID-card.