Regulations for the Art Library, Study Room Søborg

These regulations apply to materials that are exclusively available in the study room in Søborg.

  1. The study room is reserved for users who can document their need to consult materials that are exclusively available in the study room.
  2. Prior to the visit all users are required to book a time to visit the study room and order the material needed for reference in the study room in our library system. Processing of additional material during the visit should not be expected.
  3. The appointment is valid when the user has received confirmation by email.
  4. Bags, computer covers, outdoor clothes etc. must be placed in the area to the right of the entrance.
  5. Food and beverages can only be enjoyed in the Lounge area to the left of the entrance. Hand washing is required after meals.
  6. Private books, laptops, mobile phones (in silent mode) and handheld cameras are allowed in the study room.
  7. Upon arrival at the study room, users must identify themselves with either a health insurance card, driver’s license or passport.
  8. Upon arrival at the study room, our staff will give the user instructions on where to consult the ordered material and how to work with the material, including how to handle material physically in relation to their current state of preservation.
  9. The material can be taken out and made ready for use for up to 15 days. In the case of very large numbers of orders, staff alone will assess how much can be taken out per visit and whether the material can remain in the study room for up to 15 days.
  10. At the end of the visit, the user informs our staff whether consultation of the material is complete or any further visits are required. If further visits are required in order to consult the material, a new appointment must be booked immediately.
  11. The study room’s works of reference can be used in the study room. Books must be put back in place after use.
  12. Material for use in the study room cannot be photocopied. Taking photos with a handheld camera is allowed. Some items can be sent for scanning/copying by camera at the user’s own expense - this is done exclusively in Royal Danish Library's own digitisation department.
  13. Users are required to follow the instructions of our staff at all times, even if these are not explicitly stated in a set of written regulations.
  14. The staff is authorised to conduct a personal search of books, papers etc. brought by the user, according to Act No 1628 of 26.12.2013 regarding certain measures to prevent thefts from Royal Danish Library.

Please also refer to Regulations for Royal Danish Library