Regulations for employees at SMK / Statens Museum for Kunst

Special regulations for employees at SMK / Statens Museum for Kunst.

§1 Registration

Registration as a user is done by contacting Det Kgl. Bibliotek, Department of the Art Library, via email to: It is a prerequisite for registration that the user has a valid SMK email address. An employee profile is created for use in connection with the employment relationship, not a personal profile.

§2 Use of Det Kgl. Bibliotek and Roskilde University Library's physical collections

Home loan materials

The employee can order home loan materials for delivery at the Statens Museum for Kunst, Sølvgade 48-50. Det Kgl. Bibliotek handles the transport and delivery of the ordered material at the gate, the museum's staff entrance. Thereafter, the delivery of SMK's internal mail is handled.

Delivery takes place in SMK's internal Knowledge Center. SMK's internal post brings the materials down to the museum's staff entrance, and Det Kgl. Bibliotek takes care of driving back to the library.

Clause materials

Claused materials cannot be ordered with the SMK user profile.

These must be ordered with a personal user profile (create Private user with social security number and NemId).

Clause materials include:

Reading room claused materials from:

Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Copenhagen, for use at the Research Reading Room in The Black Diamond

Det Kgl. Bibliotek - Aarhus, for use in the Reading Room on Victor Albecks Vej

Roskilde University Library, for use in the Reading Room at Roskilde University Library

Classroom materials from:

Det Kgl. Bibliotek, Copenhagen - The Art Library, for use at the Study Hall in Søborg.

Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loans are free.

§3 Loan period

The loan period is usually one month, unless otherwise stated. The maximum loan period is one year.

Loans are automatically renewed if the material is not reserved by another user.

§4 Recalls and suspension

A reminder is sent before the expiration date and three recalls after the expiration date per. mail. No fee is payable, but the user profile's loan, order and renewal right is suspended if the material is not handed in after the 3rd recall.

§5 Liability for damages

The employee is personally responsible for the loan, from the time it is lent until it is handed over in the library's lending system. The claim for compensation is sent directly to the borrower.