Regulations for users who are exempt from Digital Post

Special regulations for users who are exempt from Digital Post.

§1 Registration

Registering as a user takes place by personally contacting Royal Danish Library: The Black Diamond, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1 in Copenhagen or Victor Albecks Vej 1 in Aarhus. It is a prerequisite for registration that the user has a written receipt stating that they are exempt from Digital Post from the public sector. This can be obtained by contacting Borgerservice. In addition, photo identification must be shown at the time of registration.

§2 Use of Royal Danish Library's physical collections


  • Material for home loans must be ordered/reserved via the staff at the Diamond, Copenhagen or Victor Albecks Vej 1 in Aarhus.
  • The user receives a physical notification per letter when the ordered/reserved material is ready for collection at the user's desired collection point.
  • The user can give another person a power of attorney to pick up their ordered material. • The power of attorney must bring his own identification.
  • Please note that materials ordered for the Research Reading Room cannot be used via power of attorney.


  • The loan period is normally one month, unless otherwise stated.
  • Loans can be renewed by contacting the staff at The Diamond, Copenhagen or the Victor Albecks Vej 1 in Aarhus, if the material has not been reserved by another user.
  • The maximum loan period is normally six months. Loans can be renewed an unlimited number of times within the maximum loan period.
  • Handing over of material can be done at all service points at Royal Danish Library.
  • Borrowed material is the user's responsibility until it is returned. This also applies to borrowed materials, which the user has given another person power of attorney to pick up.
  • Upon delivery, a delivery receipt is issued. The receipt is the user's documentation that the material has been delivered

Fees and compensation

Royal Danish Library imposes fees on recall notices for exceeded loan periods. Current rates appear in Loan period and fees.

If borrowed material is not handed in or is lost, it is transferred to compensation.

Applicable rates for compensation cases appear in Loan period and fees.

The user is blocked if there are outstanding amounts of 200 DKK and above.

Conditions other than the above may apply.

§3. Communication

Communication regarding the use of the Royal Danish Library's services, including service announcements such as reservations and recall notices are sent per letter. Delivery takes place via PostNord and PostNord's delivery times therefore apply.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the registered address is valid at all times.