The history of the theatre collection

Learn more about the historical background of the theatre collection.

Ballet scene

Photo: John Rosforth Johnsen

The theatre collection (formerly known as Dramatisk Bibliotek) was established in 1939 as an independent unit with a board. It was housed in the University Library in Fiolstræde, Copenhagen until 1989, when it became part of Royal Danish Library's manuscript collection. From 1998, the theatre collection was transferred to the music collection, which was later renamed the "music and theatre collection".

At the theatre collection's 60th anniversary in 1999, a small booklet was published with the entire story of the collection, Theatre Texts for the Time. Dramatisk Bibliotek through 60 years (1939-1999). Only in Danish.

Today, the theatre collection is part of our special collections.

A professional contact committee is still attached to the theatre collection as a replacement for the previous board.

Contact committee

The contact committee, which meets every year in March, acts as a professional council for the theatre collection. It is composed of representatives of various interest groups in the performing arts and in 2019 consists of:

  • Theatre director for Folketeatret, Kasper Wilton (appointed by Dansk Teater)
  • Lecturer,, Stig Jarl (University of Copenhagen)
  • Communication Consultant for the Danish Writers Guild, Anders Busk (appointed by Danish Writers Guild)