Anna Bro: Study of the times

Dramatists can put today's big questions under debate. Playwright Anna Bro talks about works that focus sharply on our present.

Anna Bro

Photo: William Vest Lillesoe

It is actually an opportunity to bring different thoughts and attitudes into play, where through – and empathising with the different characters – living with them you can try to think different things. That, I think, is a great thing about drama.

Anna Bro

Theatre for a discussion-loving youth

Anna Bro has selected dramatic works that address current issues.

Anna Bro highlights the play "My Name is Greta" written by William Lippert. The play is about the environmentalist Greta Thunberg, and several climate policy positions are expressed along the way. Anna Bro believes that the play can be used to an advantage, for example in teaching contexts.

In a dramatic piece, many different - even opposing - positions can be presented. Teachers and students can use it in class to play and assume different positions. In this way, political issues are presented in a new way.

Drama as a framework for social debate

Playwright Anna Bro talks about a number of completely new dramatic works and how you can use dramatic works as a background to discuss, for example, climate policy.

Anna Bro recommends

  1. Mit navn er Greta by William Lippert (My Name is Greta)
  2. Jeg hører stemmer of Zaki Youssef (I Hear Voices)
  3. Bo Bedre by Line Mørkeby and others (Better Living)
  4. Ugens Rapport by Andreas Garfield (Report of the Week)
Anna Bro's own works

About Anna Bro

Anna Bro is educated at the Dramatic Education in Aarhus. She has received a number of awards for her drama, including a Reumert for the work "Forstad" (together with Martin Lyngbo) (2005) and "Varmestuen" (2014). Among her latest works is "Rædsel" (2020). She writes plays for stage, TV and radio.